Monday, May 28, 2007

We had a fun and tiring Memorial Day weekend, with a trip to see Ed's great-grandparents in Chariton and a lot of outdoor play.

Ed and Great-grandpa Askren played a bit on Saturday during our visit. We had a big meeting room for our small gathering, which meant Edward had the chance to do a lot of walking and get in a lot of laps. He appreciated the extra space!

On Sunday, we went downtown to play on the big playground equipment they have next to the library. At one point, Edward noticed the fountain that's just down the pedestrian mall from the play area. He wandered over, fearlessly, and started toward the water. Mary took off his shoes and socks and rolled up his pantlegs and he sallied forth. We caught this photo with her cell phone, capturing the moment when he stuck his hand into the spray to make a nice wet mess for everyone. He really enjoyed it, and I'm sure we'll be back as the temperatures climb this summer.

Today we spent at home, catching time outside between short rain showers. Edward is getting more bold about venturing around the yard these days, taking time to stop and, well, he didn't smell the flowers, but he did try to pluck their petals off. Either way, his expression here isn't really indicative of his overall attitude toward the peonies.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday was Edward's first full day at daycare, and he seemed to do OK. His teacher told me this morning when I dropped him off that he had napped better than the other kids (that's my boy) and that he seemed happy and content all day despite the schedule change. Then, she showed me photographic proof. Ed was out on the playground playing with the other kids, but had come over to the window to see what was happening inside. He began to make faces, and they caught a couple with their camera. In the second one he's pressing his face against the glass.

I worried about him spending the bulk of his day away from home, but he seemed no worse for wear. We're glad we have the luxury of only having him there for half days, but it's nice to know he has fun there so when the need arises we know he has a safe place to be.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Edward is getting much better about wearing his hat. So good in fact that he now will find one laying around and attempt to put it on his head. He has achieved varying degrees of success. On Sunday afternoon, he tried a new variation on the theme.

John notes that it is a major concession to vanity that he allows these to be posted. I said he's got nothing on me, given the video of my reaction to Ed's first steps that I allowed to be made public.

This was a rare moment of tranquility as Edward has spent the last few days welcoming four molars. I think he'll like them in the long run, but for now, they're nothing but trouble. His other teeth came in just two at a time, either top or bottom on both sides. We've dosed him with Tylenol and allowed some extra pacifier time (usually this is reserved only for bed) as well as more frequent flopping on a parent while watching Thomas the Tank Engine. This time it's a quadruple whammy. While I don't like to see him sad or in pain, there are no words for my gratitude that this is happening now and not during our long car trip to Joe's wedding next week!

Maybe when he feels better he'll want to try another encounter with the sprinkler, as shown here. He wasn't too sure about it, when I turned it on on a hot afternoon last week. It didn't help when I accidentally soaked him while trying to adjust the height of the spray. He likes water in his "bubble cup" and in his bath though, so I think he'll figure this out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Our thoughts today are with the entire Sepersky family as they mourn the loss of a great man, who was father, grandfather, husband, son and much more. I've only known him as long as he's been my sister's father-in-law, but I know how much he meant to his entire family and a large circle of friends. And I know mere words will never be sufficient to express the tragedy of a life cut short. My mom says, "It had better be a slow day in heaven when I get there. I've got a long list of questions I want answered." And we add another.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all. I know it has been a happy one here. We had a gorgeous weekend and spent lots of time outside. We started out Saturday morning with the third-annual Preeclampsia Foundation Walk-a-thon in Davenport. I gave a speech at the beginning of the walk. It's posted on Will's blog. Edward liked the playground better than the walk itself, but he didn't object too strongly to the stroller, especially when he was being handed bits of granola bar or his juice cup!

These photos are from today, when he was attempting to build on his climbing skills by adding the challenge of doing so while holding the cup. He was somewhat successful, though efficiency was totally lost in the equation. He could not be persuaded to let me hold the cup while he climbed and then come back for a drink when he came down the slide. Oh well--not the first or last time he simply has to do something his own way. He's much better these days about keeping his hat on so I'm glad not to have that ongoing battle. In fact, sometimes he'll find it and put it on himself when we're playing inside.

Late last week Edward demonstrated a new skill that we found hilarious so we'll share it with you in this video. No explanation for where he got the idea to do this.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Edward enjoyed himself at his first wedding this weekend. My cousin was a dazzling bride and we were so happy to be there to celebrate! Edward particularly enjoyed the mostaccioli from the buffet. I took a spoonful on my plate, but never got to try it because he devoured it as fast as I could hand it over! This was after his Teddy Graham appetizer, which he enjoyed from his perch under the high chair. Who knows why that was so fun, but it kept him occupied and quiet, so we weren't in a position to question.

In other feeding news, Ed wasn't cooperating with John's attempt to feed him applesauce this evening. This is one of his favorite foods and we knew he was hungry, so we decided to indulge his need for independence and let him take over the spoon. He was much happier, though considerably less efficient. It's a work in progress. As I prepped this video, it occurred to me that it was almost exactly a year ago that Edward had his first spoon meal. What a long journey in such a short time!

And finally tonight, we ask for your prayers for my brother-in-law's family. His dad is extremely ill with complications from a lung infection. Many of the reports we're getting are transporting us back to Will's bedside, where we watched, as they do now, his oxygen saturation, blood pressure, lung x-rays and edema and listened to doctor's assurances that they were doing their best to help him. It's so hard to believe that a previously vigorous 53-year-old could now be facing such similar challenges.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Edward continues to innovate when it comes to play, creating things that don't seem like they would be much fun to anyone else, but which entertain him endlessly. The latest game involves taking animal toys from a train set he got from Grandma and Grandpa Kenyon, dropping them over the arm of our chair in the living room, running around to the seat to grab them, and then doing it all over again. The video below captures this, as well as Edward giving his Mom a puzzle piece, seemingly giving her some instructions about what to do with it, and then expressing delight that she agreed to comply.

He also discovered how fun it was to dump all of the blocks out of his wagon and then sit on it and try (in vain as yet) to push himself around the room. It was more fun to play hide and seek with Mom around the edges of the wagon, and then have Mom push him back and forth across the floor.