Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Daniel had a sore leg on Saturday evening and took an ice pack to bed with him. The ice pack was not recovered until bedtime on Sunday, when he decided his leg was hurting again, handed me the ice pack and said, "Mom, could you colden this up for me please?" I don't think he was necessarily trying to be funny, but as soon as he said it he realized it was an awkward construction and we all had a good laugh. It was slightly less funny when he realized the ice pack couldn't be "coldened" in time for bed, but he muddled through and we haven't heard about the sore leg again.

Possible injury sources:

Ice skating on Friday's day off for
parent/teacher conferences

2nd grade  3-on-3 basketball

The ice pack, now re-coldened, awaits its next call to duty. Possibly for my back, which is crying out daily for our new mattress, which will be delivered Saturday. Our current mattress was purchased when we got married. The furniture store salesman said we did well to get 15 years out of it!