Sunday, April 19, 2015

Turns out Blogger on my phone has not automatically made me a better blogger. But here's a story worth saving. 

Earlier this spring we stopped at the outlet mall on the way home from Des Moines to get Daniel some new shoes. While we were there we made a brief stop in Old Navy to see if we could find any end-of-season bargains on pants, as Daniel had few pants remaining with intact knees. 

As I was digging through the sale racks, Daniel came up behind me and asked, "Mom, will you please buy me these?" He held up these shorts. I was so surprised I couldn't even say anything at first. He interpreted this hesitation as the precursor to a No and continued, "I really, really like them. Please can I have them?"

All I could say was, "Sure!"

My shock stemmed from the unexpected expression of an actual opinion about what he would wear. Both boys have always operated on the "wear whatever is on the top of the pile in my drawer" school of sartorial expression. I, in turn, have kept the drawers full of navy, black and grey bottoms to minimize opportunities for egregious clashing. 

Who knew that Daniel was secretly pining for a preppier look?

Unfortunately, he would not let me take a better photo. Maybe next time…

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daniel had a lot of fun riding through the melted snow on this beautiful spring day. However it made him tired enough to be a bit sassy with me during preparation for bed. Later, as I was rubbing his back, he apologized: "Mom, I'm sorry I yelled at you when I was in the shower. I guess I was just tired and I was making an ant hill into a bear cave…wait, is that right?"

Did you mean 'a mountain out of a mole hill?'

"Oh, yeah, that's it."

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

We've opened presents with Grandma and Grandpa and are eagerly anticipating Santa's overnight visit. 

Interestingly, Daniel has been very into the mythology this year despite, or perhaps because of his Easter demands for the true story. He's talked a lot about Santa never once with a wink, and today he asked if I'd set a letter to tell Santa what he wanted. I reminded him that this was his job not mine but assured him Santa would know. 

Suspension of disbelief is useful at any age!

Unbridled Lego love
And part deux-- Lego, the book. 
Comfy new reading pillow. 
Light sabers!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Latest installment of "Mary joins the 21st century"--video uploads from phone to YouTube and then to Blogger.

The boys have been home from school with fevers this week but rallied for their piano recital tonight. 

We weren't in a good spot for video at the recital but ended up with a better performance at home afterward. Not much energy for practice this week-- lots of moaning in the couch. 

We are hoping we've turned a corner and will return to regular schedules next week. Then of course there's winter break, so I guess we won't really have routine again until the new year.

Edited to add: The music teacher had a videographer at the recital, so here's the video there:

Sunday, December 07, 2014

I just upgraded to an iPhone so this is my inaugural attempt at mobile blogging. Here are the boys decorating Will's tree. 
Daniel was singing "you better watch out you better not cry" as he was hanging ornaments but I'm not ready for mobile video editing. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

While visiting my parents this weekend we picked up a treasure cache bequeathed to the boys from my aunt and uncle as they prepared for retirement in Florida. We tucked them into the trunk of the car without telling the boys and not entirely sure what it all contained. We happened to notice a Millennium Falcon peeking out of one bag.

We arrived home last night to two inches of snow but unfortunately sub-zero windchill forcing us to stay inside today. So before I went to pick up the boys from school, I left the bag in the middle of the living room to be discovered upon our return:

It has been brought to my attention that this video does not display on iPads and perhaps other devices. I have no explanation as YouTube and Blogger are both Google products. You should be able to watch the Star Wars glee here.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I recently found myself ranting about how much I hated a certain type of Facebook post--the ones where parents share pictures of their kids and then bemoan their advancing age with woe. "Oh, I can't believe how big she is!" Or post an old picture and yearn for the child to be that small again. I've always found it just a little too contrived and precious, but this day about two weeks ago, I really felt anger, which is a little odd and certainly uncalled for. But it stayed in my head a few days and came out as this

Happy 10th birthday, Will. You continue to be a gift in my life.