Thursday, October 31, 2013

The soccer season ended before I managed to post any soccer pictures.

They played on grade-level teams, but happened to both be wearing the white side of the reversible jersey the day we took these pictures. Edward still tends to play an observant style of soccer in which is primary contact with the ball occurs when it happens to roll into his foot. However he made some strides in actually engaging in the game by the end of the season and also enjoyed taking a turn playing goalie. (In this league, second grade is the first year goalies are used.) He was possibly most excited about the addition of "sports glasses" to his wardrobe. We finally decided this expense was justified in the time saved from not having to visit the store to have the regular glasses straightened every week. They'll also be more durable for basketball, and the transition lenses will be appreciated during baseball season.

Daniel adopted a much more aggressive style of play than his brother, though not quite the "tackle soccer" he had demonstrated in pre-school (shoulder grass stain notwithstanding.) He really seemed to work well with his teammates and was always the first one there for a high five or a pat on the back when someone else kicked a goal. He scored a few himself, but that didn't seem to be the biggest influence on his enjoyment of the game. He genuinely seemed to love being out there running up and down chasing the ball.

And October is almost ending before I manage to post pictures from our friends' fun Oktoberfest party the first weekend of the month.

Daniel opted out of the sack race in support of his continuing mantra: Avoid unfamiliar activities which I may not perform expertly the first time out.
He was cool with apple bobbing though--never one to turn down an opportunity for food.

Edward dunked his whole head. I happened to be inside at the time, but it was reported that he decided the best way to get his teeth around the apple was to brace it against the bottom of the tub. So I really do mean he dunked his whole head--pushing the apple to the bottom and then biting in.

Hammerschlagen was extremely popular with task/success-oriented Daniel. 

Whew! Just got the October update in under the wire. Not really any other events of importance to report this month. No milestone birthdays or anything. Nope. Nothing to see here. Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

On Sunday we took our annual trip to Bloomsbury Farm. It was fun as always, but this year our friends at the March of Dimes had formed a partnership with the farm so there was cake and cider. The warm cider was especially welcome as it was a bit chilly, damp, and windy. As you can see that did not dampen our spirits.

This is a pretty impressive looking lasso, but truth be told, both boys ultimately decided that it was easier to get down from the horse and place the rope around the cow's neck. So much for their cowboy ambitions.

There's nothing quite like a giant jumping pillow. This year John and I even tried it out. All photo/video evidence has been confiscated. 
Apparently it is too much to ask for two nice faces in the same picture. Check out how much they've grown since last year.

The contrast between this photo and the same pose of Daniel last year is astonishing to me. I didn't think of him as looking babyish as recently as a year ago, but apparently Kindergarten ages a boy just as the Presidency ages a man.

 All in all, a fun family day.