Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 26

Today was unexpectedly a one-stop day. We had breakfast in one castle, walked around the grounds, and then headed out to another--Bunratty Castle & Folk Park outside Limerick. 

I did not think we'd spend the whole day there, but 3.5 hours and two ecstatic boys later, there we were! It was great--lots of spiral staircases and "secret" castle rooms to explore, plus a reconstructed village to show life outside the castle. 
Small door in the wall door

Daniel on his way to the dungeon
MANY archer holes to pretend shooting arrows
Top of the castle, imagining scanningfor attackers and defending the castle
From ground level
Jumping off the castle walls, because, of course. 

With the blacksmith

The "teacher" said they could pick any house in the village and stay until Christmad because he gets paid per student. He'd even move them to 6th and 4th--they did not bite. 

Ice cream and apple pie persuaded them to stay out after dinner for the music I wanted to hear. We are in Kilarney tonight. Hotel has separate twin beds for be boys--woo hoo!!

A note about the weather--not one drop of rain so far! I shouldn't even say it since we are hoping for outdoor activities tomorrow, but I am truly amazed. It's been a little chilly, but totally manageable. 

John has been doing an amazing job with the driving, which is mentally and physically exhausting. I think I've been an effective navigator. Our "wrong turns" have been minor and immediately correctable with a u-turn. I am working hard to curtail my cringes and seat-clutching as we pass through the narrow roads.