Thursday, March 08, 2007

Team Kenyon will be back in action April 21 for the annual Iowa City WalkAmerica event for the March of Dimes. This event raises both awareness and funds for the fight against prematurity, which has touched our family so deeply. We're proud to walk each year in memory of Will and in honor of Edward and we'd love to have as many people join us as possible. Last year a core group of dedicated friends and family walked through a steady drizzle and raised more than $1,000. We and the March of Dimes appreciate whatever support you can offer, whether physical (by walking with us or in your own hometown), financial (by making an online pledge toward our fundraising goal) or moral (by encouraging us to get up and get moving in preparation for the 10K walk.) Clicking on the Team Kenyon link above will take you to my fundraising page where, if you scroll to the bottom, you'll find links to donate and/or to register to walk with us or in your local WalkAmerica event.

Edward is already in training, though I'm not sure he'll be up for the full 10K on foot, especially if we have any hope of finishing. We might have him carry our water bottles though. His new thing is that he likes to hold something in his hands while he walks. Here it's a blanket.

Often it's a shoe or a puzzle piece. The other day he was carrying a large stuffed snowman by the carrot-shaped nose and then figured out he could have his hands free for waving if he carried it by the nose in his teeth. (Oh, by the way, we forgot to note here that he got two more upper teeth last week.) This week I would say that Edward is definitely an independent walker. He doesn't need one of us coaxing him forward and waiting to catch him. He'll let go and head in any direction he wants. He doesn't go too far before he looks for a hand hold, if only to steady himself for the next segment of the journey. Pretty good timing on this milestone. I'm sure the living room soon won't be big enough for his mobility so we'll head outdoors, where we're definitely on the upswing toward spring.